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Collaboration agreement with the studio

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 In order to help members and guests to have more options for headdress and accessories we announce a collaboration agreement with the studio Edna Garagui Tocados.

Edna Garagui Tocados

Through the creation of headdresses, the Mexican designer Edna Garagui seeks to reinsert in current fashion an accessory that over the years has positioned itself as a representative of craftsmanship and femininity.

Her vision is to bring creative functionality to the headdresses and accessories that she designs, to create contemporary pieces that excite and dialogue about the diversity of beauty, while celebrating the majesty, curiosity and peculiarity of the 20th century; always intertwining its Mexican essence.

The King's Coronation discount

For The King's Coronation event, Edna Garagui is offering a 15% OFF on her collection ready to wear and for customised pieces (until April 20th) for The Coronation event . 

The discount is also available during 2023 for members of the British and Saint Andrew’s Societies.

Contact & sales

Whatsapp Bussines: 5564594703


Facebook: tocadosednagaragui

Instagram: @edna_garagui

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