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Summer Afternoon Tea Party 2022

Jointly with the British Society, we organized this amazing event where everyone had fun and a little bit of Victorian history as well.

On September 3rd, 2022 we had our event called "Summer Afternoon Tea Party" at the Green Park Hotel restaurant The View.

afternoon tea invitation

40 people gathered around the meal excellently executed by the Green Park staff. This meal included:

Savoury sandwiches like curry, salmon or cucumber, Scones with clotted cream and jam, variety of sweet mini cakes, tarts and macaroons, black tea (earl grey and oolong) and a glass of champagne.

Aternoon tea meal
Aternoon tea meal

The event started with a welcome speech by our Chieftainess of the Saint Andrews Society of Mexico, Daniela Gutierrez.

After that, Claudia and Diana Arley from the British Society of Mexico were in charge of the historical and practical explanation in the event; stating its origins, the main differences about afternoon tea and high tea, and closing with the rules to have an afternoon tea in the proper way and the order to eat the meal in the tower of plates in front of us.

This afternoon party was a lot of fun and a great opportunity to catch up among the members of both societies. We also received non-member guests that were, according to their words, delighted with the service and the event in general.

Thanks all for coming and we hope to see you in the next events.



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